Study Abroad

Hispanic Studies majors, including heritage speakers, are strongly encouraged to travel to a Spanish-speaking country to immerse themselves in the language and culture. The Hispanic Studies major who has traveled abroad is always a stronger and more credible job candidate than one who has not traveled. There are many programs, dates, and prices that make such study possible for students.

Dr. Eberle-McCarthy, who has studied in Spain, Argentina, and Ecuador, and Dr. Jerome Wyant, who coordinates foreign study programs at the Mount, can help students choose an appropriate and affordable program.

We recommend that a student study abroad as early and as long as possible. The summer between freshman and sophomore years is an excellent time for students who can only go away for four to six weeks. For those who can study abroad for a longer time (a semester or a year) the junior year is suggested.

In recent years, Mount students have received summer or January interim credits from inexpensive programs in Costa Rica and Guatemala. In 2000, four Mount students received credits for studying in Spain over the summer. One student spent a spring semester in Mexico and three students lived for a full year in Granada, Spain. All of these students returned with increased knowledge and self-confidence in their language skills, which gave them an advantage in later Spanish course and in the job markets in teaching and in business.

Dr. Eberle-McCarthy organizes and accompanies short study-tours, usually seven to ten days, during the January interim. Past groups have traveled to southern Spain, Madrid and Lisbon, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica. These programs are open to majors and non-majors and can be taken for credit or just for fun. They are excellent first-time travel experiences, especially for students who cannot accommodate longer study abroad programs because of family obligations or scheduling problems.

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