Caleb Oliver talked to Knight Life about his major


Caleb Oliver, a freshman here at the Mount, is a Hispanic Studies major.

Knight Life: Why did you choose to be a Hispanic Studies major?

Caleb: I chose Hispanic Studies as my major because I enjoy the Spanish language. Ever since my first grade teacher, Ms. Clark, introduced me to this subject, I have been fascinated by it. I want to be a Spanish interpreter, and it would be wonderful to start a career doing something I love.

KL: What is your favorite aspect of the major?

Caleb: My favorite aspect of Hispanic Studies is its prevalence in our culture. The Spanish language and culture are very popular in America, and I like that I can encounter it frequently, even when it comes to music. For my senior year in high school, I was a part of the Spanish club, and we danced the Bachata and Merengue for International Day. I think it is great that Spanish can appear so often, even when it involves something as simple, yet enjoyable, as music.

Click to read the complete interview…

Watch Caleb’s first video project in Spanish for Mount Saint Mary College!



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