Strategies for success in Spanish (II): Flashcards (from Benjamin Rifkin)


  • Make and use flashcards – not just words, but words in context and with grammatical endings
  • English on one side only.
  • Write out words with grammatical variations (verbal conjugation, articles, nouns)
  • Write out words with syntactical context (fuller phrase)
  • Write out example sentences that are meaningful to you (reflect your life, interests, humor)
  • Write out example sentences taken from the textbook

Working with Flashcards: Shuffle the flashcards to defeat the “order effect”!

  • Write out flashcards for all the words (or some percentage of the words based on the number of words)
  • Review from Spanish to English until you can correctly identify the English translation of each Spanish word or phrase.
  • Review those words from the unit before that were hard for you. Review all the words from the previous two units.
  • Work English to Spanish, review every word or some percentage of the words from English to Spanish until you can get it right.
  • Use flashcards while walking, while sitting, with or without musical accompaniment. Sing and dance your vocabulary, too!

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