Typing Spanish Characters

First option: In Windows, press and hold one of the ALT keys, then use the numeric keypad to type the numbers.

Alt Codes for typing Spanish characters:

Á ALT+193
É ALT+201
Í ALT+205
Ó ALT+211
Ú ALT+218
Ñ ALT+165
Ü ALT+220

á ALT+160
é ALT+130
í ALT+161
ó ALT+162
ú ALT+163
ñ ALT+164
ü ALT+129

¿ ALT+191
¡ ALT+161

If you are using a laptop, you’ll need a different trick. First, press the Fn+NmLk keys.  If you don’t have “small” numbers on your keyboard, you have to press the Fn+Alt+number combination. If you have “small numbers”, you are a lucky one: the Alt+number combination will work for you.

For those who think that this is too much typing, there is the Character Map Utility.

  1. Click on the Windows (XP) Start menu, then All Programs (Start » All Programs) on the lower left of your screen.
  2. Select Programs » Accessories » System Tools » Character Map.
  3. Click on the character you need, click the Select button and then press the Copy button. Go to the “Write Post” window and press the Ctrl and V keys at the same time.

*You can also reconfigure your keyboard, but you’ll need to learn the new configuration: you’ll type “;” and you’ll see an “ñ”

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