Are you playing with flash cards in your Spanish class? (To all courses)

Do you want to improve your Spanish vocabulary? Here it is an old (but always) effective method to learn foreign words: Flash cards.

Miriam K says that

Flash cards are one of the most popular and effective ways to learn foreign language vocabulary, but there’s more you can do with them than just flip through the stack. Here’s how you can make your vocabulary flash cards work better for you.

Do you want to know more about how to use flash cards this semester? Click the link

Miriam will teach you some tricks with flash cards:

  • You can buy vocabulary flash cards for more popular languages, but you’ll benefit more by making your own.
  • Divide your cards into manageable sets.
  • Say the foreign language word out loud.
  • Always carry some vocabulary flash cards with you.
  • Getting creative with your flash cards helps keep you motivated. When you remember a word, make up a sentence with it.
  • Mark the flash cards you get right.
  • Shuffle your cards each time you use them.
  • Remember to review.

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