The Mount Hosted a Latino Business Group Meeting

On December 6, Mount Saint Mary College hosted the meeting of the Latinos Succeeding in Business group. Lisa Gallina Alvarez, MSMC Director of the Admissions for Graduate Programs and Adult Degree Retention, welcomed Latino entrepreneurs and business representatives at the James Cotter Library. Lisa emphasized the connection between the Mount and the Latino business community in the lower Hudson Valley area.

Gisela Gomez—an MSMC graduate—and Jennifer Echevarria explained the purpose of the group and introduced the main speakers. Joe Alvarez, founder and president of We Are Newburgh, talked about how Latino businesses can participate in the Holiday Toy Drive and the Newburgh’s Star Project. Dr. Alex Hilario explained the ongoing crisis in Puerto Rico and how to help through the different relief fund efforts.

MSMC Nursing students went to Spain!

MSMC Nursing students visited the Centro Regional de Transfusión Sanguínea and the Banco de Tejidos in Seville. They had first-hand experience—literally—of the blood and organ donation process in the Centro Regional. According to Erin McCann, a Mount Nursing student, “This is Christmas!”
¡Muchas gracias a los profesionales del Centro Regional!

Creativity runs in Hispanic Studies!

Be creative in learning Spanish!

Students of the Spanish for Teachers course practiced this important principle while teaching at Bishop Dunn Memorial School. They wrote bilingual stories for children and created wonderful books to read with them.

You can appreciate the craft of one of the groups by clicking here to download a PDF file. The story is titled Pedro Searches for a Birthday Gift / Pedro busca un regalo de cumpleaños.

Other titles in the collection are:


A writer is born!

Students of the Latin American Short Stories course also came up with new creative ways to learn Spanish. Each week, they commented on short stories from Latin American authors in the Facebook group page.

However, talking about what others did was not enough. To test their story writing skills, the students rewrote a short story that was discussed in class into a short story for children.

At that point, they wanted to do more (!?). They wrote their own short stories and went through the exciting experience of reading them in public. We way add that it was a captive public that enjoyed listening to interesting stories.
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